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We are Obitscreepy cousins to the original Punks.

Born by the death of CryptoPunk #2317 our 8-bit obituary of family fiends is a fun, ghastly addition to the underworld of collectible characters.

There are 7,132 Obits. We are all unique, restless souls of our own generation. Ownership grants you access to exclusive launches and airdrops, and other surprising pleasures. Grave pleasures indeed.

Obit #????
Obit #????
Obit #????
Obit #????

the boneyard

Dead Ringers

A Dead Ringer is a 1:1 match of an original Punk. These skeletal twins are few and far between. Dig them up before someone else does.

Skeleton Keys

Keep an eye out for Skeleton Keys online and IRL. More information regarding these special access points will be unlocked soon.


There are 7,132 randomly generated digital collectibles of varied rarities available for mint.

They are ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS.

Mint Price: 0.05 ETH





Mr. Falcon


Lead Developer

Terrence Matlin


Copy & Consulting